A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BA – Courtney Ellery

My name is Courtney Ellery! I am a Technical BA at a Culture First tech company. Prior to this I spent 14 years working in Government.

My journey into the BA space started when I was in other, non-BA roles. Working in operational roles over the years, I found myself quite passionate about identifying, analysing and implementing continuous improvement opportunities. This resulted in my career naturally progressing into BA roles.

Things I love about being a BA are:

  • working with business stakeholders to help them solve problems with their operational processes
  • using technology to enhance and improve business processes
  • so much variety in the work

There are so many helpful BA tools and techniques and I often find myself using my BA toolkit in my personal life to do options analysis and make decisions.

My favourite BA tools are:

  • current and future state process mapping (I think this is the most under-rated tool in uncovering business requirements)
  • user story mapping
  • the 5 whys

I hope anyone thinking about venturing into the BA space finds this helpful. It really is a rewarding career.


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