A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BA – Sally McKitrick

“I am Sally McKitrick. I am a Senior Business Analyst at a Not-For-Profit sporting Association and Registered Training Organisation. When I say that I am a BA, people look at me very puzzled and I say “yes, that’s what I do, I solve puzzles”. I really enjoy making staff members day when we collaborate over a pain point and produce an epic “to-be” solution. Yes, I am a people pleaser. On a day to day basis I spend time with stakeholders who are passionate and invested in their role, so the learning opportunities are reciprocal.
My second favourite role is collaborating with the IT developers over the solutions and seeing the “light-bulb” moments when we both get excited about the solution. Process Modelling is like Jigsaw Puzzling, so when I am mapping I feel like I am on holidays solving another puzzle.
When you do what you love – it’s not a job!”


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