A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BA – Erivan Ramos

“I am Erivan Ramos.
I had never thought of cultural difference as a barrier to communication until I moved from Ceará, my home state in Brazil, to live in São Paulo. Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, has several regional cultures. Although overcoming this cultural barrier between states was a challenge, nothing compares to when I moved to Australia. In my journey, I have learnt that overcoming the different cultural barriers requires an adaptation in the way of behaving and, mainly, in the form of communicating. Being an observer of your environment and being flexible enough to adapt is the key to effective communication in different cultures. Being a Business Analyst, I have to communicate the right information to stakeholders at the right time and in formats that meet their needs. The BABOK guide defines that consideration should be given to expressing the information in language, tone, and style appropriate to the audience.”

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