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Do You Realize That Relationships Are BAs Bread And Butter?

Written by Tom Henricksen on March 30, 2022 Working as a developer for over twenty years I have noticed developers lack social skills. Now I know you are shocked! You probably spilled your coffee when you read that. As a Business Analyst, you may take your social skill prowess for granted. As Epictetus said, “It is impossible for […]

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BA – Martin Witchard

“My name is Martin and I am a Business Analyst at a Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisation. NFPs are close-knit places, and your engagement skills need to be top-notch to communicate effectively (and, often sensitively) with your stakeholders. My team has just delivered an Initiatives Delivery framework. This took several weeks of meetings and workshops co-designing the […]

Why building relationships is so important for Business Analysts

Ask a salesperson about the value of building a relationship with their customers. Ask a nurse how important it is to build a relationship with their patients. Ask a performer why they need to build a relationship with their audience. The common answer you will receive is: “How else am I supposed to do my […]

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BA – Courtney Ellery

My name is Courtney Ellery! I am a Technical BA at a Culture First tech company. Prior to this I spent 14 years working in Government. My journey into the BA space started when I was in other, non-BA roles. Working in operational roles over the years, I found myself quite passionate about identifying, analysing […]


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